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This Is Not A Drill is an endless platformer/jumper mobile game set to release in Winter 2019. The game combines the design philosophy of an endless runner with the player controls of a platformer. 

I worked alongside the designers to create and code the objective system. I made it so the designers are easily able to create their own objectives by inputting the desired parameters. My focused then shifted towards programming the game's menu mechanics, which includes menu transitions and the display objectives, scores, and currency. These menus had to be implemented within the same menu as the main level, so making sure all data persisted as the scene would reload was a high priority. I also programmed the player's inventory and the shop to upgrade the player's powerups that spawn in the game.

Platform: Mobile

Engine: Unity C#

Role: Programmer


Dark Tides is a realtime strategy game where players control a team of divers in combat on an oceanic world.

I was responsible for creating and balancing a realtime combat system based off of a turn-based prototype. I also programmed AI for the enemy creatures, which reacted based off of the player's actions. With a variety of characters with different combat specialties, I worked with the other designers on balancing team mechanics between the player-controlled divers, allowing the player to create a team that suits their playstyle. 

Platform: Windows

Engine: Unity C#

Role: Lead Programmer & Combat Designer


Platform: Windows

Engine: Unity C#

Role: Lead Programmer

Angry Intern is a strategy-stealth game where the player's goal is to sabotage their companies office space. The core system of the game involves various interactions between objects that the player can pick up, and stationary objects.


As lead programmer, I worked with the designers to create the various interactions that I would implement into the game. Furthermore, I also created the player's inventory and hotbar of stored objects. 

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