This Is Not a Drill

Project Overview

THIS IS NOT A DRILL is an endless jumper where you must escape a collapsing mineshaft by climbing falling rocks before the rising lava catches up with you. THIS IS NOT A DRILL has been published on the Google Play store, and is set to release for Apple devices in Spring 2020.

Role Description

Gameplay Programmer: My role in developing This Is Not a Drill involved implementing several gameplay systems. My first task was to create an objective system based off of a spreadsheet designed in the earlier stages of development. Once the objectives were present in the game, my next task was to create boosts, which acted as 1-time use abilities, along with a functional hotbar to activate such boosts. Then, I designed and coded upgrades for the player's gear and boosts. My latest accomplishment was implementing microtransactions for premium currency.

UI Programmer: I programmed many instances of the game's UI, including the shops and menus.


Designer: I worked closely with Programmers and other Designers to develop specific game functions, such as player progression, objective systems, and the fine-tuning of player interactions.