Operation: Valor

Project Overview

Operation: Valor is a tactical top-down multiplayer shooter that provides large scale combined-arms combat through base building and teamwork. This game is a cross between action-packed military gameplay and real-time strategy mechanics. Every soldier is a player. Enter into the battlefield with a team of up to 36 players for squad-based action in vehicles or on foot. Fight for control over objectives in the map to deplete your enemy of resources and win the game. 

Role Description

Unity Programmer: Utilizing Unity DOTS, I used jobs and bursts to implement various gameplay systems, including weapon accuracy, weapon heat, cooldowns, etc.

UI Programmer: Within the Hybrid ECS environment, I connected client-side UI to ECS components. I added functionality to the player's in-game UI, scoreboard, and settings, which includes their radar, health, ammo, name bars, ability to mute player, etc.